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Consistently Delicious

Our bioVONTAGE food fermentates are a range of cultured dextrose products that help food manufacturers capitalize on the growing natural and clean-label trends in the food industry. Manufactured in the United States, these fermentates are produced using generally recognized as safe (GRAS) bacteria with a long, safe history of use in food. Our bioVONTAGE range of solutions utilize natural and controlled fermentations, undergo minimal processing, and are manufactured with high-quality ingredients that contain no allergens or genetically modified (GMO) materials.

Independent sensory evaluation of multiple food formulations showed that when bioVONTAGE was used to replace chemical preservatives, consumer perception of key product attributes (such as bitterness) were notably improved.

The bioVONTAGE Advantage:

  • Contains no allergens

  • Produced without GMOs

  • Enhances flavor profile

  • Minimally-processed

  • Low dust

  • Easy-to-use

  • Format flexibility

  • Application support


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Quality and Transparency

At Third Wave Bioactives, we understand that in order to meet the ever-rising standards of the food industry, providing high-quality ingredients manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities is a nonnegotiable requirement. To ensure that the industry’s standards are met, third-party audits are utilized to confirm raw material and manufacturing compliance. Our hope is that this industry-leading transparency will help our customers to better-understand our manufacturing footprint, leaving them confident about choosing bioVONTAGE for use in their trusted brands.