IFT 2017 Wrap Up

IFT’s theme for 2017 was “Go With Purpose” and as 19,000 food science professionals filled the convention space for four days of education, expo and networking, it felt like we had a purpose. The purpose wasn’t just to meet potential customers or launch new products, although there was plenty of networking and selling, the purpose was to really explore the food industry and direction of food technology.

The screening of the IFT sponsored film Food Evolution was an interesting experience. To see dichotomy of the consumer perspective and the food industry response was eye opening. Too often, as people embedded in the industry, we forget that someone misinformation is driving consumer habits. 

Additionally, IFT was full of engaging educational sessions on everything from new technologies to consumer trends. Add to that the vibrant expo floor of new and past exhibitors. For someone with a background in marketing, the expo is always my favorite part. The chance to get your brand in front a large group like this is exciting and challenges. Seeing the ways, and snacks, companies use to lure people to the booth is amazing.

For Third Wave, this was the first time we had a booth, it was a great opportunity for us and gave us a platform we haven’t had before. We met with customers, collaborators and cohorts. We are looking forward to IFT 2018 in Chicago!